Colombia in 2 weeks

Would you like to travel to Colombia for 2 weeks but you still don’t know which are the best destinations to live a unique cultural experience? Don’t worry, Magelia Colombia will make sure your stay in our country will be unforgettable. We present an itinerary idea that will allow you to explore exciting destinations in Colombia in 2 weeks.


Colombia in 2 weeks

Bogota (3 days)

Bogotá is 2,600 metres above sea level. After Quito and La Paz, it is the 3rd highest capital in the world. The climate is fresh, with average temperatures between 7°C and 20°C all year round.

Day 1: Depending on your flight arrival time, you can take a stroll around your hotel, acclimatise to the altitude and even explore the Zona T for dinner at a local restaurant. We recommend a visit to the famous Andres Carne de Res restaurant, a restaurant/bar/nightclub with an extraordinary ambience and decoration. Here you can enjoy a spectacular dinner, then spend some time dancing to Caribbean rhythms.

Day 2: For your first real day in Colombia, we recommend you devote it to exploring the city. Take a stroll through the historic center, known as La Candelaria, to the Botero Museum and the magnificent Gold Museum. Bogotá also has an impressive number of murals and graffiti.  Take advantage of your trip to Colombia for 2 weeks to walk the streets of the capital’s city center to discover the techniques and messages the artists are trying to communicate. You can then head to a local market such as Paloquemao or La Concordia to sample some exotic fruits. It’s also possible to visit the city by bike.

Day 3: Bogota is located in the Cundiboyance altiplano and is surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, lakes, Paramos and more. For sporty travellers, a hike to the Paramo de Chingaza is highly recommended, as it’s a trip to the Chorrera waterfall. Would you like to know the origins of the legend of El Dorado? Visit the beautiful Lake Guatavita. Or discover the Salt Cathedral, a jewel of modern architecture.


Medellin (3 days)

Medellin, known as the “city of eternal spring”, is the capital of fashion, home to the Festival of Flowers and one of Colombia’s liveliest and most cosmopolitan cities.

Day 4: You can reach Medellin by air or land (approx. 9 hours). We suggest you take the innovative public transport system, the cable car. Visit a commune (favela) to talk to the inhabitants about their experience during the armed and drug related conflict. Its a unique cultural exchange. If you want to know more about Colombia’s reputation and transformation click here (Is travelling to Colombia dangerous?. And why not take part in a cooking class in a comuna? A cultural and gastronomic experience guaranteed!  In the evening, you can have dinner at Parque Lleras or in one of the many restaurants in the el Poblado district.

Day 5: Visit the city’s most emblematic sites, such as Plaza de Botero with its many sculptures, Berrio Park and Pueblito Paisa. You can also go on a coffee tour, take part in a cocoa workshop or go paragliding.

 Day 6: Guatapé and Piedra del Peñol are located 1h30 from Medellin and are 2 places not to be missed during your Colombie in 2 weeks itinerary. Climb the 740 steps to the top of the great Peñol rock and enjoy a spectacular view of the dam. You can then take a walk through the narrow streets of the village of Guatapé to experience the locals’ joy of life.

conseils aux voyageus, comunas medellin


Coffee Region (3 days)

You’ve probably heard of Colombian coffee. In fact, coffee is grown all over Colombia, but the coffee region is particularly knows for this beverage.

Day 7: Travel by air or land (5h30) to reach the coffee region. We recommend a visit to Casa de Don Leo, where you can enjoy a coffee tour with a former coca farmer and learn all about the coffee production process on his farm. For accommodation, you can spend the night in Armenia. Pereira, Salento, Filandia, Manizales, etc. Distances in the coffee region can be quite considerable, so it’s important to know what activities you want to do so you can choose the right location for your accommodation.

Day 8: Visit the town of Salento and the Cocora Valley, famous for its wax palms. You can hike to the Casa de los Colibríes and enjoy the natural beauty. We recommend a two-hour horseback ride through the large valley. If you want to escape the crowds, consider visiting Salamina and the Samaria forest. Here you’ll find the wax palm and the beauty of colonial villages, but without the tourists. If you like hiking, you can visit the Carbonera for a magnificent walk among the wax palms.

Day 9: Pijao, Filandia and Buenavista are picturesque and colourful villages that are less touristic than Salento. You can spend the day discovering the thermal waters, hiking in the Parque Nacional de los Nevados or taking part in a cocoa or panela workshop.


Cartagena (3 days)

Locals call it La Fantastica and the Pearl of the Caribbean. Cartagena de Indias is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the Americas.

Day 10: The coffee region is over 20 hours from Cartagena by land. We advise you to take a plane to save time and for greater comfort. Make the most of your first day. Discover the walled city, the San Felipe de Barajas castle and the Getsemaní district. Discover the architecture and history of this magnificent city. We recommend a photography workshop with one of Cartagena’s best photographers, one of the best projects you can do during your trip to Colombia in 2 weeks.

Day 11: Enjoy paradise beaches on the islands of Rosario, Mucura or Tintipan. On these islands, you can enjoy paradise with white sand and turquoise seas.

Day 12: Explore the Bazurto market to discover authentic local cuisine and taste exotic fruits. Enjoy the nightlife in the city’s bars and restaurants. We recommend a salsa tour where you can enjoy an exclusive selection of salsa music and learn all the secrets of this Caribbean rhythm. If you would like to know more things to do in the walled city click here.


Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park (2 days)

Located between the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (the world’s highest coastal mountain range, at 5,775 m altitude and just 42 km from the sea) and the Caribbean Sea.

Day 13: Drive to Santa Marta (4h) and then Tayrona National Nature Park. You can spend the night in one of the hotels inside or near the Park. The park is home to hundreds of species of birds and mammals unique in the world.

Day 14: Explore the beautiful beaches of Tayrona Park and enjoy activities such as hiking and snorkeling. Return to Santa Marta for your flight back home.

Cabo San Juan, Tayrona


Colombia is a very diverse country, offering experiences to suit all tastes. This is just one of thousands of possible itineraries to enjoy Colombia in two weeks.

Do you have another idea for an itinerary to discover the diversity of Colombia in two weeks? Would you like help organizing your two-week trip to Colombia? Contact us here. Our team of English-speaking Colombian experts is on hand to give you the best plans for enjoying Colombia to the full in one, two, three or more weeks.


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