Travel to the heart of the Orinoco

Colombia off the beaten track

13 days/12 nights

from 2 050€

This tour discovery of Colombia off the beaten track will reveal the treasures of this beautiful country with impressive landscapes and stories.

Flora and Fauna

14 days/13 nights

from 1543€

Observe tropical animals, meet the locals and visit Colombia from north to south in this tour suitable for everyone.

Safari Llanero to Guanapalo

5 days / 4 nights

from 530€

See animals, meet the locals and have an unforgettable experience for the whole family with a safari in Colombia.

Spectacular Caño Cristales

3 days/ 2 nights

from 563€

Known as “the river of five colors”, Caño Cristales is a natural wonder of Colombia not to be missed from June to November…

Have you heard of the river of 5 colours or the liquid rainbow, Caño Cristales? It is found in the Orinoco, in Colombia.

Thanks to the endemic algae Macarenia Clavigera, between June and November the river is coloured red, black, yellow, blue and green. It’s a breath-taking sight. But the Orinoco region is vast, and it is home to many other secrets. For example, it is full of fauna and flora. It is therefore a favourite destination for animal-watching, specially in a llanero safari.

You will see animals such as araguato monkey, a copper-haired great ape, tapir, armadillo, turtles, caiman, capibara, scarlet ibis, macaw, piranhas, jaguar, etc. You will also find San José del Guaviare here, where you can also appreciate cave paintings that are more than 12,000 years old. The Orinoco region is marked by cereal production and the breeding of cattle. It thus has a culture, a gastronomy and a very specific music not to be missed.

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