Top 10 family trip destinations in Colombia

Colombia is twice the size of France and ranks 2nd in the world in terms of biodiversity. It offers a wide range of landscapes and activities to suit all tastes and ages on a family trip to Colombia. From nature excursions to animal watching, visits to historical sites, encounters with thousand-year-old communities or victims of past armed conflict, in short, Colombia is an incredible destination for all members of the family.

10 activities not to be missed on your family trip to Colombia


1. Painting workshop with land in Barichara

Barichara, located in the department of Santander, is a magical town with undeniable charm. Its cobbled streets and colonial architecture will take you back in time, and the hospitality and warmth of its inhabitants will win you over. Every village in Santander has a different colored earth: white, red, yellow, black, purple, etc!  Visit a young couple who will teach you an original technique for painting with clay.  It’s a fun activity to do as a couple, with friends or on a family trip to Colombia.


2. “La Brujita”, a unique means of transport

Discover an unusual means of transport typical of the coffee region and get in touch with the local population. Arrive at “La Vereda”, then board the “Brujita or Marranita”. This is a platform on rails pulled by the rear wheel of a motorcycle. You’ll ride along one of Colombia’s most important rivers, then change modes of transport for the “Garrucha”, a Tyrolean basket typical of the region. You’ll reach the other side of the river for a pineapple tasting. Then take a 20-minute walk to a small waterfall for a refreshing dip. End your day with a game of TEJO, a typical Colombian game and billiards with the locals. This activity is particularly recommended for a family trip to Colombia with teenagers.


3. Ceviche workshop in Cartagena

the kitchen is a space for interaction and learning. Take advantage of this moment during a family trip to Colombia to discover the magic of Caribbean flavors by preparing a delicious ceviche. Ceviche is a dish known the world over for its freshness and the authenticity of its ingredients. What’s more, you can enjoy it with “patacones”, a typical local dish.

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4. Boat-rafting in San Gil

San Gil is nationally recognized as Colombia’s extreme sports capital. San Gil’s rivers are considered a rafting paradise, offering different levels of difficulty, meaning that adults and children alike can take part. Along the way, you’ll encounter thrilling rapids and magnificent scenery. It’s also possible to go paragliding, rock climbing and canyoning so Santander is a perfect region for family trip to Colombia with teenagers.


5. Pirate tour in Cartagena

Cartagena is a city where history and the magic of the past are the protagonists. One of the most fascinating aspects of its past is the presence of pirates, who once tried to sack the city and control trade routes. On a family trip to Colombia, take the exciting Pirate City Tour and explore the intriguing history of the walled city. During the tour, you’ll visit places like El Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, El Museo Naval del Caribe, El Baluarte de Santo Domingo, among others.

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6. The descent of the Don Diego river

The Don Diego river rises in the glacier of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal mountain range in the world at 5,775 m altitude, just 42 km from the sea. It’s possible to float down the last stretch of the river to its entrance into the sea aboard a buoy. This is an ideal experience on a family trip to Colombia, as the river is shallow and the current weak. The river flows through the Tayronaka reserve, allowing you to see and hear exotic animals such as howler monkeys and colorful birds, as well as enjoying the area’s lush, exuberant forest.


7. Safari llanero in the Llanos

Los Llanos are South American savannahs with a wide biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. You can observe species such as the jaguar, anteater, caiman, capybara (the world’s largest rodent), deer, exotic birds and many more. The Los Llanos region also boasts a rich and authentic gastronomy, culture and music not to be missed.


8. Exotic fruit tasting in Bogotá

Colombia is a country with an incredible diversity of exotic fruits, thanks to its varied climate and geography. One of the most emblematic places in Bogotá is the Concordia market, but you can also taste exotic fruits throughout your family trip to Colombia. You and your family can enjoy new flavors and exotic fruits such as granadilla, lulo, corosol, mangostino, pomme d’amour, gulupa and carambolo. Have you seen our video on exotic Colombian fruits?


9. To play Tejo in Villa de Leyva

Tejo is a traditional Colombian sport played by throwing a metal puck about 20 metres at a square target. The target is made of clay, then powdered near the center of the mechas. The aim is to throw the metal puck as close as possible to the center to make the mechas explode!



10. Chocolate tasting with a local family in Medellin

Colombia is one of the world’s largest chocolate producers. The world knows Colombian coffee, but the locals are more adept at chocolate, at least for breakfast!  Indigenous tribes believed that cocoa came directly from the gods and that cocoa beans were used as currency. Meet a farming family on an organic cocoa farm on the outskirts of Medellín. You’ll pick cocoa beans and then go through the whole process to create your own chocolate cream


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