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The COVID-19 virus has turned our lives upside down. Since the WHO declaration of the Coronavirus as a pandemic, our daily life radically changed in a few days: remote working, difficulty seeing your own family, travel ban, etc. Today, almost 9 months after the start of the crisis, we are all hopefully of the vaccine that could save us all. In the meantime, governments of all countries continue to face big challenges not only in public health but also financially. Magelia Colombia also had to adapt, be flexible and innovate to safely manage the COVID-19 situation in Colombia and ensure all of our client’s safety.

The COVID-19 situation in Colombia

Since the start of the health crisis, the President Ivan Duque has taken various biosecurity measures and protocols in order to control the COVID-19 situation in Colombia. In March 17th our country was one of the first to close all its international borders. Thousands of travellers were quickly repatriated to their countries of origin. Between March 22nd and August 31st, Colombia experienced a period of very strict and then more selective, lock down. Since September 1st, lock down was officially over and most of the economy sectors have fully or partially resumed their activities. However, the Coronavirus in Colombia is still active. A state of health emergency was declared until May 31st, 2021.

The maritime borders have been opened since December 1st. The river and land borders remain closed until January 16th, 2021. On September 21st, the air borders were partially reopened for countries that had not closed their own borders to Colombia: the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom. Today there are no more air restrictions in Colombia. Nevertheless, the number of flights between Europe and Colombia and USA and Colombia is not sufficient in accordance to the demand of flight seats needed by travellers.

There are also biosecurity protocols undertaken in order to control the COVID-19 situation in Colombia. For example, any private and/or public meeting of more than 50 people is prohibited. Restaurants and some bars are open with a limited capacity between 30% and 50% and with reduced attention hours. All museums are closed until further notice. The National Natural Parks (NNP) are reopening their doors gradually. NNP Tayrona and NNP Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo are now open. The trek to the Lost City is also possible. The re-opening of the other NNPs is expected in the coming weeks.

Since the end of September, the COVID-19 situation in Colombia remains stable in number of deaths, as well as the number of active cases. Even though a second wave is not expected, it is not excluded either. There is curfew and mobility restrictions depending on cities. For more information on the Coronavirus in Colombia, visit the website dedicated to the COVID-19 situation in Colombia by clicking here.

Travel to Colombia during COVID-19

Before your trip

Colombian authorities don’t require a negative PCR test to enter the country (information updated on December 3rd, 2020). Babies over 2 years old must also have a negative PCR test. It is also essential to complete the Migracion Colombia form on CheckMig 24 hours before your departure and at least 1 hour before your flight. It is mandatory to download the CoronaApp application on your smartphone. Please create an account and fill in all the information requested. The situation is constantly evolving; we invite you to visit the website of the UK Embassy in Colombia; the USA Embassy in Colombia or Migración Colombia before your departure in order to take note of any new measures against the Coronavirus in Colombia and to learn about the COVID-19 situation in the country.

During your trip

Magelia Colombia has undertaken different biosafety protocols to guarantee your well being and that of our employees and partners. These protocols are shared with everyone that you will meet during your stay in Colombia (transport drivers, restaurants managers, tour guides, etc.). We are all committed to fight against Coronavirus in Colombia and have agreed to adhere to these strict protocols. For your own benefit, we recommend that you wear a mask covering your nose and mouth in all public places, including during sightseeing tours. It is also advisable to have disposable handkerchiefs and hand sanitizer with you at all times. Remember to wash your hands frequently and regularly. Make space and keep a safety distance of 2 meters from other people. To read all of our COVID-19 biosecurity protocols, please click here.

If you have any symptom(s) of the virus such as fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing, loss of smell and/or taste, do not go to a hospital or doctor. Please first notify the Colombian health authorities using number 192 throughout Colombian territory and 123 from Bogota. Then follow instructions as given by the authorities.

In conclusion, a trip to Colombia is possible. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 situation in Colombia as well as everywhere else in the world is uncertain. Please contact us before planning any trip to Colombia.


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