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When should you go to Colombia? Climate by region

When you start planning a trip to Colombia, one of the first things you ask is when to go. Colombia covers 1,141,748 square kilometres, making it about the same size of France, Spain and Portugal all put together. Positioned between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer, it enjoys a tropical climate. Thanks to it […]

Travel tips: Colombia

So, you’re seriously considering a trip to Colombia or, even better, you’ve decided to go. You’re sure to have lots of questions, especially about safety, precautions to take and travel tips. Rest assured that your safety in Colombia is our priority. The country is now safe for tourists: read our Colombian safety article. All the […]

Things to do in Cartagena

Known as “the pearl of the Caribbean” and, by locals, as “the Fantastic”, Cartagena has plenty to offer visitors. Below are our top tips on what to do in this charming city. Once you arrive in the fortified city, you’re transported to another world and time. You’re going to love it.   THINGS TO DO […]

Five-minute guide to Colombia

What’s the capital of Colombia? What’s the currency and exchange rate with the pound? What should you visit in Colombia? What are the big tourist destinations? What’s the climate like? What dangers are there in Colombia? Find the answers to your big questions in this Colombia guide: Colombia at a glance! This simple but comprehensive […]

Is travelling to Colombia dangerous?

Although you’ve read about Colombia in the papers, you also have friends who’ve been and loved it. So, is travelling to Colombia dangerous?   A bad image I arrived in France 10 years ago. Whenever I mentioned I was Colombian, people were impressed and full of questions about drugs, violence, Pablo Escobar, the FARC, Íngrid […]

Colombian exotic fruit

Colombia is an amazing place for exotic fruit.We all know about pineapples and passion fruit, but in Colombia you can find lots more different and exotic fruits! As we said in our article Five good reasons to go to Colombia, you won’t find such a huge variety of exotic fruit anywhere else. We’ll show them […]


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